Visiting Wag Team Rachel and Ballet visit Ron and Cath in Cramlington

Since November 2017, Rachel and her labrador, Ballet, have been visiting Ron and Cath in their home in Cramlington. Both Ron and Cath had reduced mobility, Ron was living with Parkinsons and they had become increasing socially isolated. They had always had a dog and they missed them terribly but it wasn’t possible to have one of their own any more.

Ron and Cath loved Rachel and Ballet from the moment they met. Every Friday afternoon, Rachel would leave work early, collect Ballet and drive to visit, often collecting fish and chips on the way.

Cath told us: “A dog is great for getting our feel good factor back, Ballet gives us such love and we really look forward to seeing her every week; Rachel is a sweetheart too. This is a brilliant charity, helping so many, we really love our visiting dog and send a big thank you.”

 Rachel with Ballet

Rachel loves visiting too: “ We both really look forward to it, Ballet sits by the door on a Friday afternoon waiting to leave. Ron and Cath are like family now and we love to visit them as much as they enjoy seeing us.”

In 2018 Ron’s declining health meant a move into a care home and so Rachel’s visits changed a bit, first spending time with Cath at home and then taking Cath to the care home so they could all visit Ron. On Good Friday, 2020 Cath lost her beloved Ron and Rachel and Ballet lost their dear friend.

Rachel told us: Ballet and I are so sad to have lost our dear friend Ron. Ron was a true gentleman, he was kind and he loved to make me laugh with his jokes. Ballet loved going to see Ron for cuddles and especially for all the treats and I know Ron loved our visits too. We can’t wait to visit Cath again once the current Covid-19 situation is all over to give her hugs and love. We will miss you Ron and we promise we will keep Cath company on a Friday afternoon as always, Rachel x

Visiting Wag Teams, particularly the home visitors, often make lifelong friendships like this and transform the way older people feel about their lives. Very special indeed.