Visiting Wag Team Debi and Poppy visit Joan in Newcastle City

We received a referral on the 23rd December for Joan who is receiving round the clock palliative care in her own home in Newcastle City. Joan is completely bed ridden, has no family at all in the region and has no-one, except the nursing staff, to visit.  

She has been a huge dog lover all her life but has been unable to have a dog of her own for a while now.  On the 28th December, just 5 days after the initial referral, Visiting Wag Team, Debi and Poppy visited for the first time.   They bonded immediately, Poppy settled happily on Joan’s bed and her new friend smiled and cuddled;  we have all shed tears over this story.

Poppy was quickly included on the Nurse Rota which Joan can see from her bed and she and Debi have visited regularly;  even after the Covid-19 shut-down when they visited in PPE to make sure Joan had access to Poppy for as long as possible.

The restrictions ultimately meant that Joan needed to move into care and whilst Debi and Poppy can no longer visit, they are in regular touch by Facetime and sending pictures and cards.

Amanda McWilliams from Home Instead Senior Care in Newcastle upon Tyne referred Joan:  “My client is bed bound receiving palliative care.  Sadly Joan all too often voices her wish ‘to be put to sleep’ as she has no quality of life whatsoever.  After Poppy started visiting, Joan told me excitedly that “at least she now has something to live for”. I can’t tell you how emotional I felt.  I hope your volunteer fully understands just how much the visits with her gorgeous dog have meant.  Thank you Wag & Company for all your hard work and dedication.