Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Bentley”, Mr January ♥️

Hi, I’m Bentley from Northumberland, I’m nine years old and I’m a cross Border Collie and Springer Spaniel, rescue dog.

I’ve been a Wag Friendship Dog since August 2018. I visit my friend Lynn in her own home in North Tyneside with my mam Gemma. Mam decided it would be a good thing for me to do, I love getting attention off people and in mams job she works with lots of people who are unable to care for their dogs anymore and witnesses how sad it is for them to no longer have a companion. Mam said it’s good to share, so she shares me with Lynn.

I get all the biscuits and belly rubs, and everyone gives me 100% attention. My photo goes all over social media, and it makes me feel really famous. I love being the centre of attention and I get to sit on Lynns sofa for kisses and cuddles that’s my favourite part. Sometimes I wish mam would just leave me there but apparently that’s not allowed!

I’m spending it at home with my brother Stan and my mam, Grandma and Grandad will be cooking the dinner and I get leftovers with gravy. I’ve already found where mam has the presents for me and Stan hidden, she thinks I’m daft.

Hope you love your Wag Calendar!