Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Eddie”, Mr April ♥️

I’m Eddie and I’m a 13 year old Lurcher, who, 12 years ago, was a stray on the streets of County Durham searching for scraps of food. I was rescued by my mum Diane and I moved into her house in Durham – it was lovely to be warm and have lots of food and love. I made myself at home, so much so that she had to buy me my own sofa!!

I am really proud to have been the very first Wag Dog ever. I was honoured to start visiting everyone at Melbury Court Care Home in Feb 2014 and have visited the lovely people there ever since. They call me ‘Steady Eddie’ and ‘My Boy’ and I do my best to put up with all their strokes and cuddles and eat all the treats! I have enjoyed going to a 100th birthday party, joining in the activity sessions and even presenting the prizes. I must have proved myself because I was then asked to also go and visit ‘Queen’ Sheila in her own house. She is now my favourite friend and I especially like her chicken. We’ve even appeared on TV and in the newspapers together promoting Wag!

We joined Wag when my mum retired from work and she wanted to spend more time with me. I made her happy and she thought I could make other people happy too; I’m gentle and quiet and lovely and tall so I’m easy to stroke – perfect as a Wag dog. I was very happy with this plan and I trusted my mum to get me through the assessment and take me to meet some new friends

I really love it, I love meeting new people and making them happy. I take a while to relax in a new environment but everyone is very gentle and there are some interesting smells and treats. I’m really relaxed now and even went to sleep on the care home floor and regularly on Sheila’s sofa!

I’m really looking forward to Christmas, especially smelling the turkey (and all the titbits afterwards) and helping everyone open their presents. Ripping off the wrapping paper is another of my skills. I will spend it with my mum and aunt and I’m sure we will all have a snooze after lunch – well I am 91!

Hope you love your Wag Calendar!

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