Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Elvis”, Our Cover Boy ♥️

My name’s Elvis. I’m a nine year-old Boxer-Labrador cross, and I live in Gateshead with my two Dads.

I’ve been a Wag dog since 2018 and I visit the residents at Rosewood House which is a ten minute walk from my house, or maybe 15 depending on how many pee stops I do on my way there.

Dad’s sister had heard about friendship dogs and suggested that because I’m a proper friendly good-boy, I might make a good candidate if I passed all my tests. I always used to really brighten up Dad’s own-Mam’s day – who was housebound and lived on her own – whenever I visited, so they decided that it would be nice to do the same for some other elderly people who would appreciate a bit of canine company.

I love visiting the two big day rooms at Rosewood where I can ‘do my rounds’ and give paws for treats and I especially like visiting new residents in their rooms, so that I can have a good sniff around after introducing myself because I’m a bit nosey like that. I have missed not being able to go because of the Pam-Derek, but next week I am doing a video call, so that I can wave my paw at everyone.

I think I will likely be staying at home for Christmas this year because Big Boris said so. But Dads will be off work for a couple of weeks, so hopefully I can go for some nice walkies out and about. December is also my birthday month, so I get a double celebration. Hopefully Santa Paws will bring me treats, and tennis balls and maybe a smart new collar…

Hope you love your calendar!