Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Hettie”, Miss June ♥️

I’m Hettie and I’m a three year old Tibetan Terrier. I was born in Gloucestershire, on May 15th 2017 and in the July, I moved to Whitley Bay to live with my dad Ian, mum Judith and elder sister Wilma, a 7 year old Cockerpoo.

I love living in the North East of England especially going for long walks along the beautiful Northumberland coast.

I do hope you like my picture in the fantastic Wag Calendar. It was an honour and a privilege to be chosen for the month of June. My photograph was taken on the rocks at St Mary’s Lighthouse. I like going to the beach and helping my young friends Oscar, Heidi, Polly and Nancy catch crabs and tiddlers in the rock pools. Hence the fishing net and crabbing bucket in the photo

I have been a Wag dog since February this year. I thoroughly enjoy my visits to the Palliative Care Unit at Rake Lane Hospital, North Tyneside and Beresford Lodge Residential Care Home at Seaton Sluice. It came as a huge disappointment to me when our visits were brought to a halt by Covid 19. I am keeping my paws crossed that they will resume as quickly as possible in the New Year.

I became part of a Wag team after my dad saw an advert to recruit volunteers, thinking it would be a fantastic way of, not only meeting people but putting a smile on faces in their hour of need. As I’m a friendly lass he knew I could be a Wag dog. Together we applied, passed the tests and the rest, as they say, is history. To have a chat, laugh and a joke with people who are poorly and/or lonely really appeals to my dad. It gives him a tremendous amount of satisfaction. I love every minute when I visit Rake Lane and Beresford Lodge, getting plenty of treats, cuddles and kisses.

It is not right that in this day and age some folks are lonely, on their own for long periods of time. Let’s do what we can to help and by being a Wag Team you can do just that. My dad and I try to do our bit to help. Overall it is so rewarding in many many ways, everyone should do it!

I will be spending Christmas with my close family. My dad’s grandchildren love to see me and Wilma, giving us lots of presents, toys and treats. I am also looking forward to sneaking back into the dining room when no one is there and scoffing whatever I can get my paws on!!!