Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Izzy”, Miss August ♥️

Hello everyone I’m Izzy, an 8 year old Mini Goldendoodle. I live in Whickham with my human family made up of mum, dad, brother and sister. I’m the baby of the family.

I have been a Wag dog since January 2019 and visit Chase Park Neuro Centre in Whickham with my mum Helen.

I LOVE humans – even more than I love biscuits! I have so much love to go around that my mum thought it would be lovely to share this love with others who enjoy dogs, people who have moved into residential care or who are no longer able to keep a dog of their own.

Every Tuesday mum gets my bandana out of the kitchen drawer and I know it means it’s time to visit my friends at Chase Park Neuro Centre, I get very excited. I usually visit around 15 residents in their individual rooms. This takes up my whole morning and I’m exhausted when I get home, but I love it. I get so many strokes and cuddles and biscuits too! Everyone is pleased to see me, they tell me about their past dogs and show me photos. The lockdown has been hard, I’ve missed seeing my friends, but mum has kept them up to date with newsletters and in return my friends have baked me biscuits and made me a pulley toy – which I enjoyed destroying over a few days – very satisfying!

I will be spending Christmas with my wonderful family. My human brother will be coming back from London – I miss him SO much and can’t wait to pounce on him and lick him all over! I love Christmas day, for a treat I get to have turkey and pigs in blankets – if there’s any left over after the humans have tucked in! It’s all so exhausting mind you that by mid afternoon I’ll be ready to curl up on my favourite blanket on the sofa surrounded by my family.

Hope you love your Wag Calendar!