Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Mr Bruce”, Mr July ♥️

My name is Master Bruce the Batman Wayne Mercer… or just Mr Bruce for short! I’m a black Labrador cross with a Bernese Mountain dog, I’m 5 years old and I came from a farm in Wooler Northumberland. I live with my mummy, daddy and crazy little sister Bonnie Girl who’s a black Labrador too.

I’ve been a Wag dog since 2016, me and Mammy started volunteering as soon as I turned 18 months old and was able to, we’ve been visiting Kirkwood Court Care Home in Kenton ever since.

I never met Mammy’s Granny, but when she was diagnosed with cancer she was taken to a care home where she was cared for before she sadly died. When Mam went to visit her she would get really sad as her Granny would always ask to see her dog Anna, Mam knew it would have made her so happy but she wasn’t able to take her in.

When Mam brought me home to live with her (the bestest day ever!), she would always say how I was such a kind, gentle and loving boy and how happy I made everyone happy ❤️ so when Mam got an email at work about Wag and Company, well I guess you could say that fate jumped in and after my assessment I got to start visiting all my wonderful friends who I just love so much.

I love the cuddles and kisses I get from everyone and I love how happy and excited everyone is to see me too! Sometimes my friends are so happy to see me that they start crying, I don’t like my friends crying so I lick their tears and give them more cuddles, but it’s nice that my visits mean that much to them. Mam always says that my visits make such a difference to everyone, she told me that people that have problems with their memory are sometimes able to remember things from their past when they cuddle me; I think that’s amazing and I must have magic cuddles which makes it even more important that I’m able to visit my friends again soon!

I almost forgot to mention, my friends sneak me lots of custard creams when mam’s not looking!

CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST!! I love Christmas! Mam dresses me up in my Christmas jumper and I always get to eat the cookies left out for Santa; Santa doesn’t mind though, apparently he prefers a big glass of wine instead!

We’re spending Christmas this year in a bubble with my Grandma and Grandad and cousin Loki (the husky). Me and Bonnie always get to open our presents first and then help mam and dad open theirs, WE LOVE UNWRAPPING PRESENTS! Mam will make us our special breakfast, bacon and eggs with a cup of tea and then later on we will get our own Christmas dinner before we all go for big walkies together! The best part is playing with our new toys and having cuddles with Mammy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandad and my Uncle Alan.

I will really miss seeing my friends at Kirkwood Court over Christmas, I’ve been FaceTiming them but I’ve hated not being able to see them physically. Mam says that this virus should be gone soon so I can hopefully see them all again soon.

Merry Christmas everyone, hope you love the Wag Calendar; me and Bonnie Girl are sending all our face licks and cuddles and love to you all ❤️