Rest in Peace, Mrs Jane Stobbart, who so loved her Friendship Dog, Max.

Last week we heard of the death of one of our friends, Mrs Jane Stobbart. Jane lived with dementia and before her friend Max the Friendship Labrador started visiting, Jane rarely spoke despite much encouragement from her family who found it very distressing of course.

Max and his ‘mum’ Lynn arrived early in 2019, and very emotionally, Jane immediately started to speak, she greeted Max by asking him if he’d been to the park. Then bit by bit Jane got used to speaking to everyone else again too. The unique power of a very special dog.

Jane’s daughter Audrey told us: “I will be forever grateful to Lynn, Max and Wag for bringing my Mam back. It’s made such a big difference to everyone’s lives not just Mam’s, it was a lifeline for us all. Wag is a game changer, people need all the medicine and care they can get but Wag provides something more than that”.

Lynn and Max had given Jane a cushion with Max’s picture on it. She talked to him until the very end.

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