Meet a Visiting Wag Team!

I was born in South Africa, and lived most of my life in Johannesburg.  From a young age I was always fascinated by dogs, and I would become very close with my friend’s dogs. I unfortunately did not have any dogs of my own. 

Finally I got Neptune, my very own dog, and he is everything to me. So much so that we immigrated together to the UK, my brave little hound! I always liked the idea of living in the UK due to how dog-friendly it appeared to be. Thankfully I was not mistaken. 

In the first few months of living here I came across the concept of “friendship dogs”, this was right down my alley! I could not imagine my life without my Neptune, without dogs in general. This is why I identify so strongly with the work Wag and Company does.

Through Wag and Company I have made the most wonderful friend in Joan. Joan and I dote on Neptune, laugh at some of the funny things Neptune does, and I get to share some stories with Joan. It has been particularly wonderful to listen to Joan tell me some of the stories from her own life. And my heart just beams with pride when Joan refers to Neptune as her grandson. I am so honoured to be part of such a wonderful organisation. Wag and Company has a beautiful way of connecting people!  

Joan’s daughter Nadine told us:   “I can’t believe how happy Mum is!  This has totally made a difference to her, she calls Neptune her grandson!  Nish is such a gorgeous person too, so friendly and kind..”

It’s really special that being part of Wag is so good for everyone involved!