Wag team in the office

Wag in the office:  it was lovely to see old friends at Kielder last weekend and to put faces to names, particularly for our new team members.  

We’ve had a few changes over the past couple of years, so have a look at the Wag office members of #TeamWag.  

Here we all are:  Diane on Wag generally, Leanne on home visiting, Jackie and Jo supporting volunteers, applicants, recruitment and placements with Samantha, Nicky and Penny on all things charity income, management and support.

Our role overall of course is to make sure we safely and happily provide, manage and finance friends for our elderly placements. 

Key to that is helping to make sure you all have the most rewarding placements for you and to support you with them if you need us;  volunteering with this age group can be heartbreaking as well as heartwarming.  

Here’s the link for more info.