Visiting Wag Team, Eileen and Ruby visiting Mr Ray Little in Middlesbrough.

Ray is a widower, he was married for 67 years, he and his wife always had pets, goldfish, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils and of course dogs; their last dog was a Border Collie cross.  After they lost him,  they used to babysit their daughter’s dog but now Ray can’t manage a dog on his own and of course he really misses them.  Enter Wag!

Special FD Willow visited Ray initially but circumstances changed and new Friendship Dog Ruby beautifully picked up the baton in January with Eileen.

Ruby greets Ray now like the best friend he’s become and Eileen told us how proud she is of Ruby and how lovely it is to see Ray laughing when ‘little’ Ruby tries to get on his knee to give him a kiss!

Ruby loves a ball and Ray is also happy to oblige, so it’s a very happy time all round!