Castlebank Care Home, Tow Law, becomes a Community Friend of Wag!

We’re absolutely delighted to be welcoming Castlebank Care Home in Tow Law as a Community Friend of Wag! Other than a break caused by Covid restrictions, we’ve been visiting Castlebank since 2017, first with Sylvia and Jamie and then with Terry and Dotty.
Becoming a Community Friend has immediately elevated Castlebank to the very top of our waiting list of a massive 169 care and medical establishments and we couldn’t be prouder to be fielding gorgeous new boy Logan to visit everyone very soon with Anne Marie!
Manager, June Pearson said: “We’ve joined Wag & Company because we had weekly visits before the pandemic and they had such a positive effect on our residents, they loved the visits. We think they benefit so much, sensory stimulation through stroking and talking, an increase in their emotional well-being, reduced feelings of stress and bouts of restlessness. Dog lovers also find the familiarity of stroking a dog comforting.”
If your care or nursing home, hospice or other community organisation for older people would like to help us provide Wag friends for isolated elderly dog lovers in our communities, then please join us. Become a Community Friend of Wag and you’ll also guarantee your place at the top of our waiting list for visits. Our special friends will help improve the quality of life for your residents ..
Thank you so much to June, Marie and everyone at Castlebank for your support; we look forward to working together long into the future.. ????♥️????