Gareth and Lola visit Mr Bill S in Darlington

Bill was first referred to us in 2020 when he lived alone in his own home. Having lost his wife and then his much-loved dog, he was spending a lot of time on his own, and he was really keen to have a dog in his life again.

When asked what his dog breed preference was, he said: “I would be so grateful for any dog that’s available… as long as it has a leg at each end”!
That was easy then!

We had a team ready to go: Katia and her lovely Staffie Joey were waiting in the wings! Katia regularly visited Bill for two years, which he just loved; even when Bill moved into a care home, Katia and Joey were quick to follow him. Unfortunately, Katia had to relocate down South in 2023 and was really upset about not seeing Bill anymore. The team in the Wag office jumped on the case and promised Bill and Katia that we would find him a new team as quickly as possible.

Enter Lola, another gorgeous Staffie, with her Dad, Gareth. Bill immediately loved Lola and Lola definitely loved him back (and his treats too!). Gareth has a wonderful relationship with Bill and they really enjoy each other’s company with lots in common having both been in the military. Bill loves cuddling and playing with Lola while they share stories.
Bill now lives in a care home, and the manager told us: “Bill is so pleased to see Lola; she’s so lovely, and the visits make his day. Gareth is a lovely man – very polite, and I could hear them chatting and laughing throughout.”

Friends for life!