Natasha and Reiver visit Mrs Sylvia W in Newcastle

Mrs Sylvia W has lived on her own in Newcastle since losing her husband. She was referred to us, having become exceptionally lonely and anxious since the pandemic and unable to attend activities in the community, which makes her feel really isolated.

Sylvia and her late husband had dogs all their lives, but now having lost her husband and her mobility worsening she is unable to get out and about now or look after one of her own. She adores all dogs, but really, Labradors are her absolute favourite.

We were in luck as very quickly we had Natasha and her beautiful black Labrador Reiver raring to go. They now visit every week, and Sylvia loves them and really looks forward to seeing them.

Sylvia, of course, absolutely adores Reiver! He lies at her feet, and she looks at him adoringly and says, “I love you”.

That’s what it’s all about!