Older people in need across our region! Can you help?

Teesside & North Yorkshire

Redcar & Cleveland (south of Saltburn) 

Mr B is in his 80’s, he lives alone since he lost his wife and his last dog.  He has health issues which mean he’s unable to have another dog now and whilst he can get out and about with his scooter, many of his friends have passed away and so he’s feeling quite lonely and isolated.   Regular visits from Wag friends with two and with four legs will give him some company, a lovely cuddle with a special pooch and something to look forward to again.  


Mrs T is recently widowed, and she also lost her much loved dog only a year ago, so she’s really sad and missing her loved ones.  Her children visit as often as they can but she’s still on her own more than she would like and she’s started feeling quite lonely.   It would really benefit her to have a lovely little dog to hug again and a Wag friend for some company and a regular chat.


Tyne & Wear

Newcastle upon Tyne

Mr B is a widower and lived in the family home until recently with his beloved Border Collie.  For health and mobility reasons he has had to move into Assisted Living, he’s finding it almost impossible to get out and about anymore and heartbreakingly his move also meant that he had to rehome his beloved dog. Having regular Wag visits with a dog for a cuddle and a fellow dog lover for a chat will be really important to how he feels about the rest of his life in Assisted Living.


Mr L is profoundly deaf and until recently he had a hearing dog, Connie, a Bichon Frise, but sadly she passed away this year and he misses her terribly. He lives with his wife but finds it hard now to get out much and both he and his wife miss Connie and the company of a dog enormously. It would make such a difference to both their lives to have a lovely dog to visit him for a cuddle and a friend for a regular chat.


County Durham

Bishop Auckland area

Mrs M has recently had to move from her farm, it’s become too hard to manage, and understandably moving to a village now is a big change.  She has a number of health issues which mean that having always had dogs she can’t have one of her own any more and she misses them terrribly. Her family are nearby and very supportive but she still spends more time alone than she’d like and she would absolutely love to have regular contact with a fellow dog lover and their beautiful dog!  Only thing is, Mrs M has allergies, and our Friendship Dog must be a short haired terrier or a breed that is classed as hypoallergenic – Shih Tzus for example – and they must also come from a home that doesn’t have cats. Mrs M would really benefit from Wag friends, so please help if you can.