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We're so grateful to you for not only taking the time to create your own fundraising walk for Wag, but also to give us some great feedback on how you got on!

We never charge our elderly friends for our special befriending service for fear of the most in need missing out.  So we rely entirely on the generosity of individuals, organisations, trusts and foundations, in and out of our region, to safely provide friends with two and four legs for isolated, elderly dog lovers who miss friendship and the company of a dog.

People like you, who love what we do and who want to help us to do more of it.

Many thanks again!  Before you go have a look at some other ways to get involved.

Become part of the Wag family as a regular supporter

Become a Friend of Wag

As a Friend of Wag you are really involved with the charity, your regular contribution from £5 a month supports Visiting Wag Teams changing lives every day. 

Fundraising ideas & events

Get involved with fundraising events and challenges we organise or create your own. We have lots of great fun ideas in our Fundraising A-Z.


Your donation will enable regular visits for an elderly dog lover in your community.  Often bereaved, suffering from poor health, isolated and unable to have a pet of their own any more.   Your support changes lives.


A couple of hours most weeks to share your dog with an elderly neighbour, for a chat, a cuppa and a furry cuddle, is really all it takes to change the way someone feels about their life.  Apply online, it's really easy.

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