Alison Hall

Director and Company Secretary

I am a solicitor working for Hay & Kilner in Newcastle. My work involves advising clients on their Wills, Powers of Attorney and estate planning. I am therefore often visiting elderly clients either at home or in a care facility. I sometimes visit clients who clearly do not have many people calling in to see them. I therefore see first hand how lonely some of our elderly men and women can be.

I grew up in North Yorkshire and throughout secondary school I worked in a residential home. It was a privately owned home which only housed 13 residents. These residents were very well cared for by the lovely lady Margaret who owned the home and her family and staff. The residents were often taken on outings and had lots of stimulation through visitors and activities. Looking back I can see what a huge difference this made to not only their mental but also physical well being.

I visited a care home initially with my Bernese Mountain Dog called Willow. Willow was an absolute delight, very easy going and placid and loved meeting people. I was often stopped in the street by people who wanted to stroke Willow (she had a very special, friendly face!).

I have known Diane and Doug for a number of years and when Diane mentioned the idea of creating Wag & Company, I was keen to get involved. I know how much joy Willow brought to people who meet her and I see the need through my work for friendships to be forged with elderly people. What a perfect idea to use our lovely pets to bridge the gap! I wanted to help with the set up of Wag & Company but was also very keen to take Willow out to meet people.

I also have 2 cats – however whilst they are my lovely furry companions I know they would want ‘ paying’ to visit people! Cats don’t do anything for nothing! Willow on the other hand would do anything for a fuss and some attention (and a biscuit if you happened to have one!).