David Ryan

Animal Behaviour Expert Advisor

David is certificated as a Clinical Animal Behaviouralist and has a combined practical experience at the top levels of professional dog training as a police dog handler and home office accredited instructor, with a post-graduate diploma, with distinction, in companion animal behaviour counselling from the University of Southampton; an internationally recognised centre of excellence for animal studies.

Now retired from the police service, David appears as an legal expert witness in canine behaviour in civil and criminal cases and has been an independently verified member of the Register of Expert Witnesses since 2008.

He is regularly appointed in cases involving alleged pit bull terriers, dogs alleged to have been dangerously out of control, cases of negligence and cases where the interpretation of police dogs and their handling are required. He also lectures across the country, helps local charities with assessing and rehoming problematic dogs, is a visiting lecturer at colleges offering BSc in Animal Behaviour courses and at Newcastle University on their MSc in Applied Animal Behaviour and Welfare.

David is delighted to support Wag & Company North East Friendship Dogs:

“The benefits of the company of a dog are well known and there are many people who lose the ability to care for a dog as they get older. I know how much I would miss a dog myself. This charity aims to help fill that gap in the North East, whether people are at home or in medical or care establishments and I believe them to take the management of risks very seriously. So I am delighted to support their activities and to help ensure the safety of the people they visit.”

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