James Ramsbotham

Chair of Newcastle Buidling Society and recently retired Chief Executive of the North East of England Chamber of Commerce, James is very highly regarded in our region.

James is also a Deputy Lieutenant for County Durham and Honorary Colonel for The Rifles in the North.  James was also Chairman of Darlington Building Society and Vice Chairman of Esh Group after spending 14 years working at Barclays Bank plc throughout the UK.   He began his working life in the Royal Green Jackets, soldiering around the world for 12 years.

We are most grateful for James’s support for our Charity and the work of our volunteers:

“There is an instinctive bond between humans and dogs. It is deep-rooted and touches our inner selves. Many elderly people today lead lonely and isolated lives and have lost those that they love. They cope but their lives can be transformed for the better with a little companionship and love. This is what Wag & Company do. Bringing a dog into the life of an elderly person can be the most positive experience for the elderly person, the dog and its owner. It rouses and energises and brings out the best in people and dogs. I strongly support Diane and all of those who work to spread the warmth and companionship in this way and encourage others to do likewise”.