Karen Gibson

Brandon, Durham

Location: Brandon, Durham
Telephone: 07931 721525
Email: karenhgibson16@googlemail.com

I have been lucky enough to share my life and love with many dogs and also to share one of my dogs and her love with elderly people who are no longer able to look after a dog of their own.

I am a Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and I often work for Vicky Welsh at Have a Good Dog. I am a volunteer trainer for Dog Assistance in Disability (A.I.D), a charity empowering pet dog owners to become qualified assistance dogs. Retired now, I have in the past worked for Social Services, Age UK County Durham and I continue to volunteer as a Dementia Champion.

I assess potential friendship dogs for Wag & Company as a volunteer so they can help to dispel loneliness, bring happiness, company, something to look forward to and some love to elderly people who miss a dog.