Sophie Carvin

Trustee Director

I’ve always been motivated by making a difference to people. I’m Founder and Principal Coach at Deror, working with people who want to make changes in their career and life. Previously I spent 13 years working for Northumbrian Water in roles that gave me the opportunity to make a difference to peoples’ experience of work.

I really love the fact that Wag & Company is about valuing people and improving lives.

I’ve known Diane and Doug Morton for many years and was honoured to be asked to get involved with Wag and Company. It is such a great concept and opportunity to make a real difference.

I’ve always loved having dogs. We currently have a black labrador, Indie, who brings such affection and activity into our lives, I can only imagine what a hole there must be if you no longer have the company of a dog; so how could I miss the opportunity to do something?

Having previously worked with Diane Morton I am confident that with her leadership, energy, passion and professionalism, Wag and Company will consistently achieve what it sets out to achieve and more.