Sophie Carvin

Trustee Director

I’ve worked for Northumbrian Water Group since 2007, and my current role is Academy Manager.  I’m a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and have a Politics degree from Newcastle University.

If you live in the North East you’ll be a customer, whatever your age, background and circumstances.  As well as having the privilege of influencing our employees’ experience of work, improving their skills, knowledge and potentially their prospects, I’m responsible for raising everyone’s awareness that we should value everyone as an individual. I really love the fact that Wag & Company is about valuing people and improving lives.

There are several reasons why I wanted to get involved with Wag and Company, the key ones are:

  1. it is such a great concept and opportunity to make a real difference
  2. I worked with both Diane and Doug Morton for many years I know that with their leadership, energy and passion, we will achieve what we set out to achieve
  3. I’ve always loved having dogs around. We currently have an exuberant young labrador, Indie who brings such affection and activity into our lives, I can imagine what a hole there must be if you no longer have the company of a dog when you’ve had it for many years; so how could I miss the opportunity to do something about it?