Visiting Wag Team Emma and Pringle visit Elsie in her home. Hear about their wonderful friendship!

Home visiting referrals can be made using our online form and will ideally come from professional organisations involved in social care who visit the home already - GPs, Occupational Physicians, NHS, Adult Social Services, the British Red Cross.  The form must be completed in full, including the risk assessment for lone working.

Individuals or their families can refer themselves by emailing or contacting 01434 505022.

Visiting Services leaflet

Asking us to visit

Mrs H and Verdi

Home visiting

Our volunteers visit regularly, often becoming real, lifelong friends.

We never actually charge so that no one has to miss out but we do need everyone to contribute if they can.  It costs over £400 a year to fund every Wag Team.

Individuals or their families can donate or sign up to give regularly as a Friend.

Care homes can become Community Friends with a nominal monthly donation to support our work.

“We have 56 residents and many used to have a dog, they love it when Poppy comes in.  It awakens all sorts of senses, they remember their own dogs and they experience feelings of pure joy.”

Tracy, Park House Care Home

“It’s so lovely to see people’s faces light up when we visit with their little Wag pals.  It makes a huge difference to their day and gives them something to look forward to.”

Visiting Wag Team, Liz & Millie

“The service is phenomenal. Mam really looks forward to their visits. They've made such a difference and lightened Mam's Tuesdays. I am so grateful to Dot our volunteer and to Wag & Company.”

Sue Avery

Care or medical establishments

If you have been considering having a visiting dog team in your care or medical establishment, we hope we've convinced you of the benefits of friendship dogs and the amazing effect they can have on morale and wellbeing.

Please take some time to read through our Frequently Asked Questions section which should cover many of the questions you might have – then complete and submit the visit request form.

Become a Friend of Wag

We never charge for our visits for fear of people in need missing out, but we have no guaranteed income and rely entirely on everyone’s generosity and support.  So if you love what we do and would like to help us to do more, then please become a friend of Wag.

Home visits

Our home visits are for older dog lovers, typically over the age of 65, people who have always had a dog, but who can’t have one of their own any more and who miss that contact.

We are a ‘visiting’ charity, so no one should have an expectation of outings or walks. These are sometimes possible but for reasons of health and risk management, they shouldn’t be expected.

We never charge for our visits in case those most in need miss out. Instead, we rely entirely on donations.  So if you value our service and can afford to contribute please help us in whatever way you can, donating, fundraising or becoming a Friend of Wag.

“My client is bed bound at home receiving palliative care. Sadly she all too often voices her wish to be ‘put to sleep’ as she has no quality of life whatsoever. Since Friendship Dog Poppy started to visit she told me excitedly that at least now she has something to live for. I can’t tell you how emotional I felt. I hope your volunteer fully understands just how much the visits with her gorgeous dog have meant. Thank you Wag & Company for all your hard work and dedication.”

Amanda McWilliams
Home Instead Senior Care Team, Newcastle upon Tyne


Lynn’s story


Lynn lives in Killingworth, she lives alone having lost her husband in 2009 and her German Shepherd, Sasha, in 2017. Lynn has severe arthritis, chronic lung disease and depression and her poor health prevents her from having a dog of her own any more. In August 2018, she was matched with Gemma and Springer Spaniel cross Border Collie “Bentley” Lynn tells us:

“I really look forward to seeing Gemma and Bentley every week, I’m very lucky and privileged to have them. Wag & Company have saved my life, a million thank yous.”

John’s story

John& FDAlfie

John lived in Cramlington and after he lost his wife of 64 years, Nora, and also his 20 year old border terrier, Mick, John said when he looked around him at four walls he thought his life was ‘empty’.  In March 2018 Visiting Wag Team, Sean and Alfie the labrador started visiting John on referral from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust; John told us:

“At the beginning of the year I had nothing and now I have a wonderful relationship with these lovely friends and my life has completely changed. I do get lonely living on my own and I couldn’t manage to have a dog of my own now. This is the best of both worlds. It’s fantastic, like winning the Pools.”

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