Our temperament assessment has been developed by our highly qualified team of animal trainers and behaviouralists led by Senior Advisor Vicky Welsh.   

These volunteer assessors are qualified as Kennel Club Accredited Instructors, or members of the Animal Behaviour and Training Council including members of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, or they are individually assessed and accredited by our team to become Wag assessors.  

If your dog is at least 18 months old and you've had him or her for at least 6 months, then take this quick suitability test to see if it's likely he or she will pass the assessment and enjoy a role as a Friendship Dog.

Remember, most Friendship Dogs are normal, cuddle monsters not obedience champions, but it's important they're under control and can pass our assessment.

  • Does your dog enjoy meeting new people and happily accept a pat from friendly strangers without barking or jumping up at them?
  • Is your dog comfortable with being handled by new people?
  • Does your dog walk on the lead without pulling?
  • Can your dog walk on a fixed lead using a comfortable, flat neck collar or properly fitted body harness? (No chain or half check collars can be used). Head collars can be used if necessary for medical reasons.
  • Will your dog "sit" and "settle" when asked?
  • Can your dog walk past people with minimal reaction to walking aids, unusual noises or distractions?
  • Does your dog show little reaction to clumsy or heavy stroking?
  • Does your dog react well to loud, unexpected or unusual noises.
  • Will your dog take food gently and leave dropped food when asked?
  • Can your dog walk past another dog on a lead without lunging, snarling or barking aggressively?
  • Can you confirm that your dog has never bitten anyone?
  • Do you and your dog work well together as a team?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then your dog stands a good chance of passing our assessment and becoming a Wag Friendship Dog.

If you answered NO to any of these questions, you may want to undertake some training before attending one of our assessments.

Our assessors

Cris Brown

Newcastle upon Tyne

I am a dog trainer with over ten years experience. I offer training classes in Walker and…

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Louise Birkett

Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland

I’m Louise Birkett and I started dog training 10 years ago after achieving my BSc (Hons) degree in…

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Jenny Hunter

Various locations, via Wag office

I’m Jenny Hunter, and I started dog training in Newcastle and Northumberland 4 years ago after completing…

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Caroline Penistone

Leeming, North Allerton

I am a dog trainer with over 20 years experience. I offer training in Leeming, Northallerton. I…

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Heather Stevens

Richmond, North Yorkshire

For around 40 years, I have been a trainer and behaviourist and specialise in all forms of…

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Charlotte Husband

Newcastle upon Tyne

I hold a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour and Training, I’m also a qualified Dog Groomer and…

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Vicky Welsh

Various locations, via Wag office

I am a clinical animal behaviourist specialising in dog behaviour problems, and I also run pet dog…

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