It costs £401 a year for each Visiting Wag Team.  Your support provides special friends for older dog lovers in the community.

John Robson from Cramlington tells us why life is so much better with friends.

Why it matters...

We never charge for our services for fear of those in the most need missing out and with your help, we can make sure that they never will.

We rely completely on everyone’s generosity to enable these special friendships between our volunteers, their lovely dogs and elderly dog lovers across our communities.

Our very special friend Mr John Robson tells you what support like yours has meant to him.

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..could pay for a Wag Team's starter pack.

The Wag ID badge, lanyard and one of our famous red bandanas delivered to a newly signed up Wag team.


..could pay for a Wag Team's starter pack and DBS check.

The special Wag starter pack and the online DBS check equipping them to volunteer in the community.


..could pay the total getting started costs for a Wag Team.

The starter pack and all the assessment and insurance costs which enable our special visits to isolated, older dog lovers.

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