Our annual fundraising Walk for Wag at Kielder on the 19th of September has been cancelled because of the Covid-19 restrictions for group events.  The Walk, and the support of the Kielder Waterside team, has been so important to Wag & Company’s development, bringing together many of our supporters and friends, as well as raising essential funds.

In its place, this year, we’re launching Walk for Wag Anywhere, so that you can still support our important work to end loneliness by creating your own, socially distanced, 'Walks for Wag' on the 19th of September, Anywhere you like!

You can choose to walk the usual routes, the 10Km (13,000 steps) or the 3Km (4,000 steps) routes or another challenge more personal to you.  You can still choose to walk the routes at Kielder or absolutely anywhere you like!

However you decide to do it we’ll all still be walking for Wag on the 19th of September 2020!

So this year we'll be walking separately...but we're ending loneliness together!   

About the walk

So we’re all still Walking for Wag on the 19th of September 2020 but we’re doing it separately, in our own ways and in places of our own choosing.

All you need to do is register here, and then create your own walk, with your dog, on your own, socially distanced with friends or colleagues, enjoying the stunning scenery of the Lakeside Way at Kielder, in the beautiful countryside in your own neighbourhoods or along our spectacular North East coastline;  Anywhere you like!  Just don’t forget to share the pictures!

You can also choose your own distance.  Walk for Wag... Anywhere is a 10 kilometre (13,000 steps) sponsored walk, with a 3 kilometre (4,000 steps) option where a shorter distance is more appropriate for you, your family members or your dogs.  But these are just guides and we’ll be very grateful for any distance you walk for us - you don’t even need a dog!

So please register today and Walk for Wag... Anywhere;  you can support us even more by encouraging your friends, family and maybe even get your companies, to all get involved too.

Registration is open now - so please, sign up today, every sponsored step you take will help us emerge stronger than ever from these challenging times to end loneliness for elderly dog lovers in our communities who will need us more than ever!


How it works

Taking part couldn’t be easier, just click the link to register and together, let’s walk to improve the lives of elderly dog lovers in our communities.

• Registration is FREE, but we’re asking for a minimum voluntary donation of £5 to cover the postage of your Walking for Wag t shirt and bandana

• As always we’re relying on everyone who takes part to help us by raising at least £50 per person by fundraising and either setting up a JustGiving page or downloading a sponsorship form or by making a donation.

• We’ll support you every step of the way with a Wag branded t-shirt for you, a bandana if your doggy friend’s walking too and personalised digital assets for your social media!

• We’re encouraging everyone to do the walk together on the 19th of September, Walk for Wag day.  But you can complete your own walk any time between the 18th of September and the 2nd of October to suit you and of course we’ll all do it absolutely anywhere we like!

• Once you've completed your walk, we’ll send you a link to let us know how many steps you’ve all walked and how much you’ve raised.  Tell us how you're doing by messaging us on social media using the hashtag #WalkforWag, even send in some pics of you on your walk for our website.

• Remember 10 kilometres/13,000 steps is only a guide - there’s no fixed amount or distance, simply decide on the size of your challenge, work out how you’re going to record your steps then do whatever you can, wherever you can and help us by raising as much as you can.

• Have a look at our fundraising pages here for some inspiration!

• It’s as simple as that!  Thank you ❤️...

Take a walk on the Wag side...

When you Walk for Wag, you’re not only helping to end loneliness in our communities...
it’s great fun!