It costs £401 a year for each Visiting Wag Team.  Your support provides special friends for older dog lovers in the community.

Press Paws with Wag at BW Medical Accountants

Host your Press Paws with Wag session and feel first hand the instant stress relief from stroking a beautiful dog.

While your employees stroke a silky ear or two and admire our special dogs in their red Wag bandanas, our volunteers will talk about the difference their regular visits make to the lives of their elderly friends.

A unique reminder of the power of a dog and the importance of friendship and the difference you're making in our community as Corporate Friends of Wag.

Visits could be on 'Bring a Dog to Work Day' or any other day to suit your organisation.

Pressing Paws with the North East Chamber of Commerce…

One of our very first sessions was with the team at the North East Chamber of Commerce in Durham. James Ramsbotham was CEO at the time and he told us:

"Wag is the only one of its kind and it's impact on the lives of many of our elderly is phenomenal. We had a really memorable afternoon at the Chamber with a number of Visiting Wag Teams which left everyone with a lasting impression."

Some of our Corporate Friends