Charlotte Husband

Charlotte Husband

Washington, Tyne & Wear

Location: Washington, Tyne & Wear

I hold a Masters Degree in Animal Behaviour and Training, I’m also a qualified Dog Groomer and I’ve been involved with dogs for 10 years.   I have three dogs of my own who have all taught me so much about dogs!

I started my dog life as a dog groomer and for a number of years I’ve worked with another of the Wag & Company Assessors at her training classes and helped with Wag assessments. I have also worked for a National Assistance dog charity as a Dog Trainer in rescue kennels and now as an Instructor at an animal care college.

Over the years I have seen how much dogs have to give to people and how much people can gain from them. That’s why I decided to become go through the assessment process to become an assessor for Wag & Company and help make a difference to those that need the friendship of a dog most.