Walk for Wag dog bandana – small/medium


These special Walk for Wag tie on bandanas in a beautiful peacock blue are made in the UK from 100% cotton to ensure maximum comfort.

They are a great and very stylish way for you and your furry ones to support our charity.

All dogs vary in size, even within a breed, so it is recommended that you measure your dog’s neck prior to ordering. Use our handy size guide to help.

Our bandanas are hand cut and so there may be slight variations in size, if you find the size you’ve ordered is slightly large or are struggling to tie it, our guide:- “How to dress your dog in the Wag bandana” is here to help.

Your dog’s comfort and safety is very important, so when fitting the bandana you need to ensure you can easily get two fingers between the tied bandana and your dog’s neck; it certainly must not feel tight or worst case, restrict their breathing or movement.

Dogs shouldn’t ever be left unattended at home or on a walk wearing a bandana.

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