Wag Calendar Dogs 2021 : Meet “Billy”, Mr February ♥️

Hello my name is Billy I’m 3 years old, I’m a ginger Pomeranian, I’m from Newcastle and live with my parents and big sister.

I have been a Wag dog since 2019 and I visit Briardene Care Home in Newbiggin Hall. I wanted to become a Wag dog to brighten up people’s day with my little smile, I always like going around giving everyone hugs and kisses and my sister Molly worked in a Care Home so I knew I’d be a great part of the team.

I love my red bandana. I think it matches my eyes. I always love all the attention I get, it’s even more than I get at home! I like sniffing out all the treats and charming the ladies.

This Christmas I have already sent my list to Santa Paws and I also got some new Christmas socks and coats. I’m ready to start eating my advent calendar, and chewing mam’s baubles. Merry Pawsmas everyone!!!

Hope you love your Wag Calendar!