Visiting Wag Team, Marilyn and Ted, visit Tom in Lynemouth

Tom is 93, he was widowed just over 3 years ago and he had lost his dog not long before;  Tom has been a life long breeder of black labradors.  His stroke 18 months ago was a big knock and we’re all hoping that having a dog in his life again will really help.

During Lockdown, Wag volunteer Sean Malone had been keeping in touch with Tom by telephone.  But sadly, Sean’s gorgeous boy Alfie is poorly and unable to visit for a while.

So at the beginning of June, we introduced Tom to very sweet Friendship Yorkshire Terrier, Ted and his ‘mum’ Marilyn.  After such a difficult time, visits from little Ted have really given Tom a boost.  He was really touched that Marilyn left him a framed photograph of Ted too.