Visiting Wag Team, Anita and Harry, visit Gordon & Gwen in Sunderland

Gordon lives with his wife Gwen and were referred to Wag by Kelly from The Essence Service in Sunderland.  Kelly has initiated many very special Wag friendships and this is definitely another special friendship in the making.  

Gordon and Gwen are very isolated, their family live away and after they lost their last dog, a much loved Alsatian, they’ve missed him terribly.  Kelly believes regular contact with a dog again and a chat with Anita too will make all the difference.

The first visit went so well, Kelly told us how wonderful it was to see Gordon in his element, wandering in the garden with Harry, playing with his ball and Gwen really enjoying it too.  She told us how isolated they’ve felt and how wonderful it is for them to see Anita and Harry regularly now.   Anita loved it too, it’s her first time as a home visitor and she said she knew it would make a difference, but she hadn’t realised just how much of a difference it would make.