Visiting Wag Team, Judith and Teddy, visit Mrs Marjorie Blackett near Consett.

Marjorie has had dogs since she was five years old and she loves to have a dog around her. She used to enjoy walking her dogs, but since her last dog died last year she’s had some health issues and she no longer feels she could walk or look after a dog.

Covid has been a difficult time, Marjorie lost a member of her family, her health deteriorated and even though her son helps her a lot, she lives alone and has felt pretty isolated.

Marjorie was referred by Age UK County Durham who attended the first visit and they were delighted at how well everyone got on straight away, Marjorie enjoyed chatting to Judith and Teddy was lovely and calm and settled down on Marjorie’s feet which of course she loved.

Teddy is such a lovely cuddly boy and it’s fabulous to see what a difference their weekly visits are making to Marjorie.