Visiting Wag Team, Alison and Zorro, visit Mrs Pauline Roxburgh in her own home in Newcastle.

Mrs Roxburgh’s daughter heard about us and asked if we could visit her Mum.  She told us Pauline loves dogs, she’s had them all her life and she wishes she could have a dog now but regrettably she knows she couldn’t look after one.

She’s not terribly mobile at 95 and she had felt quite trapped in the house during Covid-19 so even though her daughter visits regularly the family thought that having a dog to visit regularly would make all the difference. We contacted Yvonne Shanley from Independent Age who helped by making the referral and we matched Alison and Zorro.

This is a great match as Pauline’s last dog was also a black boy, described by the family as a ‘large, black, loveable, twit!’. Everyone’s delighted of course!