Visiting Wag Team Ellie, Rebecca and Ruby visit Ron in Middlesbrough

Ron and his wife Elena always had German Shepherds and really miss them.  Ron particularly loves dogs, especially the bigger ones, but sadly it’s no longer possible for them to have a dog of their own for health reasons.  So regular visits from Rebecca with her daughter and fellow Wag volunteer, Ellie, along with Friendship Labrador, Ruby, are very much looked forward to each week.
They’ve all become great friends.  They recently met up at the beach and Rebecca told us: “Ruby always works her magic and she, Ron and Ellie had such fun. It was heart-warming to watch!  Elena told me how much Ron values his relationship with both Ruby and Ellie too; such a special morning”.
Ellie gave Ron a little ornament she’d bought for him as a souvenir from her recent holiday and he was so pleased and touched by it.