Visiting Wag Team Gabi and Coco visit Mrs Dorothy K in North Tyneside

Dorothy always had dogs and absolutely adored them but it’s no longer possible sadly.  Dorothy is 91 now and she still really enjoys a short walk but it’s all the better for having lovely Coco to share it with.

They all love to catch up every week, we’ve had a lovely summer so they spent a lot of time sitting in the sunshine in the garden as well as going for short walks near Dorothy’s house. Coco regularly has some treats and she even had some leftover chicken pie last week, lucky girl!

Gabi says they are ‘creating lovely memories together’

Ann, Dorothy’s daughter told us how much she values Gabi’s visits to her mum.  She said:  “Gabi is fantastic, she takes Mum out which she loves.  I visit every 3 weeks and I try to take her out then,  but other than that Gabi is the only person to take her and she really loves it.  The visits are the highlight of Mum’s week, she’s like a different person after Gabi and Coco have visited, the difference they make is massive.”