NE neighbours who really need Wag friends! Can you and your special dog help?

If you have or you know someone with a special dog, please don’t hesitate, with just an hour or two most weeks you can change the way the world feels for another person and make a lovely new friend for you and your dog whilst you’re at it!   We will make it safe and easy for you to make this difference!

Tyne & Wear

Mr M, Sunderland:   Mr M is 57, registered blind and has also developed a number of significant health issues including renal failure requiring regular dialysis and mobility problems that mean he needs a wheelchair now.  For all those reasons he can’t have a dog of his own, he is supported by carers at home but he’s very lonely and would love a dog to love and a friend to chat to.  He loves large breeds but just a dog and a friend would be really wonderful. 

Mr R, Sunderland: Both Mr R and his wife are registered blind and don’t get out any more so they’re understandably feeling increasingly isolated.  They’ve missed their last dog terribly and they would really love friends with two and with four legs to visit regularly.  They had a German Shepherd but any shape or size of new friend will be really welcome.

Mrs M, Sunderland:  Mrs M is 86, a widow and lives alone in Sunderland.  For health reasons Mrs M is now restricted to downstairs in her home and she can no longer have a dog of her own.  She’s had dogs throughout her life though and there’s a big dog shaped hole in her heart. So much so that her family who live in Canada bought her a dementia dog recently, Toby, but having a real dog and a new friend will make the world of difference.#

 Mr A, South Shields:  Mr A is 85 and a widower who lives with and cares for his daughter.  They are both huge dog lovers but because of their health issues having a dog of their own is not possible now.  Both Mr A and his daughter could really do with regular contact with a lovely dog and a fellow dog lover to chat to.  They have a cat but he will stay in the garden during visits and one of them is a smoker but they won’t smoke at all for 2 hours before or during a visit.  

Mrs K, Newcastle:  Mrs K is 84 and lives with dementia which means that memory and conversation can be unreliable.  But as she has always dogs and absolutely loves them her family think she would really benefit from regular visits from a volunteer with a small dog.  

 Mrs W, Newcastle: Mrs W lives alone in Newcastle, she has had many breeds of dogs throughout her life, all shapes and sizes, her most recent dog was a much loved Border Collie.  Mrs W has health issues caused by a car accident and she feels very isolated, she’s hopeful that having a dog in her life again will bring joy and give her back her sense of purpose.

Mrs O, Birtley:  Mrs O is 75 and lives alone in Gateshead, she lost both her two beloved dogs in the last two years and she greatly misses them and loves to talk about them.  Mrs O really loves dogs and it would mean so much to spend time with a furry friend again and having a cuppa and chat with a friend too.


 Mrs B, Haltwhistle: Mrs B has 24 hour care now and spends a great deal of time in bed or in a wheelchair.  She’s a huge dog lover and she really misses having a dog of her own but it’s not possible any more.  She always had collies but now she would love a smaller dog that could be put on her knee so that she can be helped to touch and stroke a dog again.  She would also really enjoy chatting to a new fellow dog loving friend.  

 Mrs R, Haltwhistle:  Mrs R lives in her home near Haltwhistle since she lost her husband.  Her family are very supportive but don’t live locally so she spends more time on her own that’s she’d like.  She always had dogs, her last dog was a Scottieand she misses him terribly, so special Wag friends in her life, a dog to cuddle and a fellow dog lover to chat too still make hte world of difference.  


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