The perfect Christmas gift …afternoon tea with special Wag friends

December’s a month for giving and it’s no different in Wag.  Once we realised that many of our older friends hadn’t had a Christmas gift for many years, often since they’d lost their partners, we thought we had to put that right. 

As if to make the point, one of our friends was quite overcome by his gift and asked his Wag friends if he could save it until Christmas Day so that he would have something to open.

Enabled by the wonderful team at Primula with the support of our friends at Ringtons and the McCarthy Stone Foundation, this year’s Christmas gift is a luxury Ringtons afternoon tea box for our older friends as well as a special Wag coaster designed by the super talented Alex Clark and included with their individual Christmas cards!  161 parcels of one type or another are currently being delivered in total!

Thanks so much to everyone involved, particularly to Primula, the fantastic Wag volunteers distributing boxes all across our region and our team in the office managing the logistics of delivery from Berwick down to Northallerton and across to Brampton!