Visiting Wag Team Catherine and Dotty visit Mr & Mrs G in Middlesbrough!

Mr & Mrs G have had dogs throughout their lives but they’re struggling with their health now and can’t have one of their own any more.  They rarely leave the house which can be very isolating so a Visiting Wag Team like Catherine and Dotty are just what the Doctor ordered!

When they first met Dotty it was love at first sight!

Mr G finds it hard to communicate now after his stroke but that didn’t matter to Dotty, she started by sitting next to him on the chair but very quickly moved to his knee and feel asleep.

Catherine described Dotty to help Mr G, who smiled and when he suddenly and very clearly asked what her name was, there was a stunned silence as he doesn’t usually speak!

The precious and unique power of a lovely dog!

Dotty also shared her love with Mrs G of course who wanted us to share her photo with Dotty on her lap;  where else eh Dotty!

Another very important Wag Friendship in the making!  Wonderful to see!