Visiting Wag Team Gemma and Stanley visit Mr David T in North Tyneside!

Mr T is 59, he suffers from a form of MND, Motor Neurone Disease which is very hard for him to live with. He lost his beloved dog two years ago and misses him terribly.

He’s in a wheelchair now, he likes to watch football and he loves to look at photographs of his dog, a black Labrador, who he lost about 18 months ago and who he misses terribly.

He lives alone in an Assisted Living environment with regular carers and his sister is a great support and lives close by.

The referral came to us from Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and the referrer expressed his strong preference for a black Labrador.  We were delighted to introduce existing Wag volunteer Gemma Fowle who already visits a lady in North Tyneside with Wag and within two weeks of the referral,  Gemma took her lovely Friendship black Labrador Stanley along on her first visit.

As you can see, Stanley and David hit it off brilliantly!

Dogs don’t ask much from you us do they, they create their own special form of connection and communication and as long as you’re stroking a silky head, there’s never a need to talk and silences are never awkward.

Gemma and Stan are looking forward to spending time with him regularly now and for Stanley to act as a lovely special friend at this difficult time.