Visiting Wag Team, Lynne and Spud visit Mr Jimmy S in Gateshead!

Mr Jimmy S lives in his own home in Gateshead, he recently lost his beloved Jack Russell, he has memory problems which mean he is no longer able to manage a dog of his own and he misses having regular contact with a dog terribly.

So Lynne and Friendship Dog Spud started visiting Mr S in August and he loved Spud straight away and the feeling was mutual as you can see;  he was thrilled that Spud would be visiting with Lynne every week.

Mr S is able to get out of the house for a walk and he often goes to his local church.  On his birthday recently, his friends know how much Spud means to him so they’ve him a photo and a mug with Spud on the front and they also invited Spud and Lynne to the church coffee morning;  he was really delighted to be able to introduce them to everyone.   Spud sat beautifully on his knee and enjoyed a cuddle while Mr S and Lynne had some tea and cake; sounds like the perfect birthday!