Older, isolated North East dog lovers who really need friends this Easter!

If you have or you know someone with a special dog, please don’t hesitate, with just an hour or two most weeks you can change the way the world feels for another person and make a lovely new friend for you and your dog whilst you’re at it!

We will make it safe and easy for you to make this important difference!   Apply online here ???? www.wagandcompany.co.uk/volunteer

Tyne & Wear

Mr R, Sunderland: Both Mr R and his wife are registered blind and don’t get out any more so they’re understandably feeling increasingly isolated.  They’ve missed their last dog terribly and they would really love friends with two and with four legs to visit regularly.  They had a German Shepherd but any shape or size of new friend will be really welcome.

Mrs F, Sunderland: Mrs F is a widow and lives alone in her own home.  Her family members work or live away so, with reduced mobility and health problems too, she finds herself feeling increasingly isolated.  She can no longer manage to have a dog of her own, she’s always had dogs in the past, and she would really love to spend time with a small to medium dog again.  Daschunds or labradors are her particular favourites!

Mr P, Newcastle: Mr P lives alone in his own home, he’s managing worsening memory issues and as a huge dog lover, he misses their company badly.  His last dog was a much loved Alsatian and her loss is still very painful for him.  He would really like a visit from a female dog, he feels he connects best with them and ideally of course a larger breed.  Won’t it be special to reconnect him with a new friend

Mrs C, Newcastle: Mrs C is a widow and lives alone in her own home.  She’s sadly housebound now and she can’t manage a dog of her own any more, her last dog was a Westie.   She really loves animals, she has a dementia ‘cat’, feeds the birds outside her window and has dog calendars and pictures all round the house which she likes to say hello to in the mornings.  She also loves company and having a chat so would really enjoy regular visits for a chat, a cuppa and to spend time with any breed or size dog again.

Mrs R, Newcastle: Mrs R is a widow, she lives with her son but he works full time and although she’s very sociable, she has sensory issues which mean she doesn’t get out the house anymore.  She’s always has dogs throughout her life, mixed breeds, usually rescues and she really misses her dogs.  She would really love visits from any breed of dog to cuddle again and a friend to have a chat and cuppa with too would be really welcome.

County Durham

Mr S, Barnard Castle: Mr S lives with his partner near Barnard Castle.  He has always worked with and trained dogs so now that’s he’s unable to have a dog of his own, he misses them terribly. Mr S is also managing some difficult health issues which affect his ability to communicate so it’s hoped that because of his special emotional connection with dogs, when he has regular contact with a dog again it will really enrich his life and have a positive impact on his health and wellbeing.