Visiting Wag Team Jan and Friendship Dog Teddy visit Mrs Edith A near Newcastle upon Tyne.

Mrs A lives in Newcastle in the same house she’s lived in for 63 years. 5 years ago, Edith lost her husband and 2 years ago she lost her last Border Collie and for health reasons having another dog wasn’t possible for her. She became quite isolated and really missed having a dog around too.

Visiting Wag Team, Jan, and Teddy the Toodle (he’s a very beautiful mix of Tibetan Terrier and Poodle!!) have visited Edith for a year and they absolutely love each other’s company. As Jan said: “Edith adores Teddy and we love Edith, if we could, we would visit her every day!”

Edith’s grandson agrees: “Edith always looks forward to seeing Jan and Teddy, they have a close bond now and enjoy each other’s company. Wag has definitely made a positive impact in her life. Jan always keeps me in touch and offers to help where she can. She is a credit to Wag and Company!”

So special to hear, a perfect story of Wag and why our volunteers, two legged and four legged, make such a difference!