Visiting Wag Team Janet and Islay visit Mrs Yvonne H in Stockton-on-Tees. 

Mrs H lives alone in the Tees Valley, she’s an huge dog lover and she was absolutely devastated when she lost her beloved Yorkshire Terrier, ‘Rufus’ last November. She spends a lot of time on her own and she can’t have another dog of her own now for health reasons so we were really delighted when we matched lovely Islay to visit with her ‘mum’ Janet. Islay loves a sofa cuddle and Yvonne particularly wanted a dog on her lap again as well as someone nice to chat to over a cuppa! Islay quickly made herself right at home as you can see and Yvonne even lets her use Rufus’ bed which is still under the TV and his bowl! Lucky Islay!

Referrer David attended the first visit and he said he was blown away’ by the huge impact the visit had on Yvonne; he’d never seen her so happy. That is really what it’s all about! Islay’s visiting regularly now and Yvonne is delighted to see her, waiting with lots of cuddles and some special treats.. Great job Islay!