Visiting Wag Team Lesley and Friendship Dog Hallie visit Mrs Joyce T in North Tyneside

Mrs T has become very isolated with no friends or family close by and she’s also suffered from some health problems recently too, all of which can be very challenging. She really loves animals, she used to have Jack Russells and she absolutely adored them, but she can’t have a dog of her own any more which obviously makes her very sad. Enter little Jack Russell Hallie to sprinkle a bit of doggy magic into her life!

On their first visit Joyce hadn’t seen anyone at all for 3 days so she was as delighted to have Lesley to chat to and she was to have little Hallie to cuddle!

They visit every week now and even took Joyce out to celebrate her birthday with a special afternoon tea! As you can see Hallie rapidly lost interest in tea, preferring the comfiest and cuddliest seat in the house!

The beginning of another important Wag friendship! Not much to ask is it!