Lovely meeting with the new Head of the Charity Commission, Orlando Fraser

As always we were so proud to share everything you’re all doing across our region.  He was really impressed with the Wag operating model, your wonderful work and impact and he was delighted to see how we’ve survived the pandemic still with very large and growing  numbers of volunteers when he reported charities universally having difficulties attracting and retaining volunteers.

He met Trustee and Company Secretary, Alison Hall, Visiting Wag Teams, Kate and Wedgie, Emma and Pringle, Mrs Elsie Main, who we visit in her own home and Diane too.

He was also delighted to meet Steve Robson the manager of Kenton Hall Care Home – where we met and where Kate and Wedgie have visited for nearly 5 years ,his Operations Director from Solehawk, Steve Massey,  and to hear how much they’re valued and then see first hand the impact Wedgie makes on everyone he visits.

And finally.. as always it was heart warming to hear from Mrs Elsie Main, how much their visits mean to Elsie and the difference they have made to her life since they started visiting 18 months ago.

Then we had cake!  Wag cake wow, who knew!  Beautifully made by Steve’s partner and it tasted as good as it looked.

Thank you everyone who made it all happen and well done particularly to Wedgie and Pringle just for being so beautiful ♥️