Visiting Wag Team Louise and Friendship Dog Bronte visit Mrs Ella M in Sunderland.

Mrs M lives alone in an Assisted Living environment in Sunderland. Her family are very supportive, but they don’t live close by. She has always loved dogs and she used to have Yorkshire terriers and Staffordshire bull terriers and she absolutely adored them, but she can’t have a dog of her own any more which understandably makes her very sad.

Mrs M suffers from progressive memory loss and her daughter contacted Wag as she hoped her mother having regular contact with a dog again would be beneficial to her health and wellbeing as she has always had a special emotional connection with dogs.
Enter Visiting Wag Team Louise and Bronte the Cockapoo!

Louise and Bronte have been visiting Mrs M since March and were a hit from the very first visit. Mrs M’s daughter watching by video said:

”Oh my god, my Mams face lit up! It was so lovely to see her reaction, it was just brilliant, she sat up and watched Bronte the whole time”.

Since then, Louise and Bronte have become regulars at Mrs M’s, who always loves to see Bronte and have her on her knee for cuddles and treats as she chats away and tells Bronte stories about her old dogs. One of her carers commented: “her face lights up every time Bronte is there, and it is lovely to see how responsive she is to Bronte”.

Last month was Bronte’s 4th Birthday and what better way to celebrate than with a visit to her bestie Mrs M!