Visiting Wag Team Mike and Friendship Dog Fable visit Mr Dave M in Sunderland.

Mr M is 58, he suffers from renal failure and must attend regular dialysis appointments at the hospital which makes life very challenging for him. He’s in a wheelchair and has problems with his sight, making getting out to see people difficult.

He has had dogs throughout his life, German Shepherds, Collies, and Labradors, but he can’t have a dog of his own anymore which obviously makes him very sad. He lives alone in an Assisted Living environment and doesn’t get many visitors other than carers who go in during the day so he can feel very isolated at times.

Enter Visiting Wag Team, Mike and beautiful Friendship Dog, Fable the Belgian Shepheard!

Mike and Fable started visiting Mr M in his own home in Sunderland in earlier this year and became firm friends straight away.  Not only was Fable the perfect Friendship Dog for for Mr M, it turned out we hit the nail on the head with Mike too!  Dave is a huge music lover, particularly punk, and to our surprise so it turned out is Mike and they follow many of the same bands!

Margaret from Age UK who referred Mr M to us said after Mike and Fables first visit:

“Mike and Dave hit it off straight away, he can’t see well at all but loved stroking Fable, he was thrilled to bits, it was amazing”

A perfect match all round and a wonderful example of how our volunteers, two legged and four legged, make such a difference!