August 2023! Lots of new people in need, can you help?

Tyne & Wear

Mrs J lives alone now after her husband died and whilst she has great family support from her daughter nearby, she’s new to the area and she’s feeling quite isolated, spending more time alone than she’d like.  She always had dogs but she lost her Labrador and her Chihuahua a while ago she’d benefit enormously from a lovely visit from a volunteer for a chat and a cuddle with a furry friend.

Mrs D is recently widowed and now lives with her son.  She’s unable to leave without support which means she can feel quite isolated.  She always had dogs, lots of different breeds and now misses them terribly.  She enjoys talking to others about their dogs and would love to be able to spend time with one that she comes to know as her special friend for a regular cuddle and a chat and a cuppa with a fellow dog lover to boot!


Mrs R lives on her own and has always had small dogs and now misses them so much.  Having lost her husband and being now unable to have a dog of her own, she is feeling very isolated and lonely.  She would love a dog to visit and a ‘two-legged’ friend to chat to.

Mr B lives alone now after his wife died. He’s always had dogs, his beloved Staffie passed away four years ago and his loss is still very painful for him. For health reasons he can’t have a dog of his own anymore and he really misses them.   Having a special dog to visit, especially a Staffie type dog, with a fellow dog lover for a regular chat over a cuppa will be very very welcome.

Ms M lives alone, she always had dogs mainly Jack Russells and misses having a four legged furry friend for company.  She has a supportive family but has still become very socially isolated. She would love a dog to visit and have a cuppa and good old chat with a fellow dog lover. She said it would be the highlight of her week!

County Durham

Residents at Peterlee Care Home in Westcott Road can’t wait to see their new dog! Their parent group, Popular Care recognise how important it is for the older dog lovers amongst their residents to have regular contact with a dog again so they’re helping us as a Community Friend of Wag and in return we’re now urgently looking for special Wag friends for everyone in their Peterlee care home.

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