Visiting Wag Team Brooke and Harry visit Mrs Ida C near Blyth

Mrs C lost her husband some years ago and lives alone near Blyth. She looks amazing but she won’t mind us telling you that she’s been pretty poorly and she’s in her 90’s! Whilst she sees her daughter regularly she still spends more time alone than she’d like and she’s been feeling really isolated.

Mrs C adores dogs, particularly the Whippets she and her husband always had, but she can’t manage one of her own any more so porcelain Whippets are a big feature in her living room!

So you can imagine her delight when she met Harry the Whippet. Everyone in Wag celebrates when we find the exact volunteer match who also lives really close by!

The first visit went fantastically. Cheryl Watson, the referrer from Railway Medical Group told us that the positive impact on Mrs C was just amazing. She got on really well with Brooke straight away and she just loved Harry who went straight over and stayed with her throughout the visit enjoying cuddles and some treats and a snooze by her feet.

A very emotional Mrs C told us: “I’ve been so lonely, having Harry and Brooke here has given me so much to look forward to, I can’t wait to see them regularly.” Mrs C showed everyone her porcelain ornaments saying she “couldn’t believe that she now has a real one to visit!”